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In 2015 we were in the first cohort to sign up to the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) in an effort to help reduce the impact of plastics and fishing related waste on the marine environment. As part of our commitment to the GGGI we have started a recycling scheme for end of life netting from local vessels. This took off recently and we are working with other to export this model nationwide. Schemes such as this in Sussex alone could save >400 tons of netting a year from going to landfill.

Picture above shows the first load of goods being sent from Newhaven for recycling in October 2015

 Corporate Social Responsability  

Sustainability is at the core of our approach to business and is why we are committed to sourcing all of our seafood responsibly. To do this effectively we must follow our strict sourcing procedure (this will shortly be made available on this website in order to offer better transparency to our working practices).


We were proud to join the SSC and work with others from the industry to create a benchmark for environmental claims and help drive improvement in the fisheries that do not meet our strict sustainability standards. This can only be achieved by applying pressure on those working in fisheries with detrimental environmental/social impacts. To achieve this a risk assessment has been created to elucidate those areas within our supply chain in need of attention and improvement. This will take into account the legality of fishing operation, certification, stock status, management (management and stock reference points, plans, monitoring and enforcement), & environmental impact (bycatch, habitat damage and species vulnerability).


Fisheries not matching our strict environmental standards will be worked with to drive improvement and our  place within the SSC will help recognise and incentivise those that do fish sustainably, such as our inshore fleet that was awarded sustainable certification this year. For more information please go to: www.

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