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Support the Inshore Fleet

Most of the fish we buy comes from local Sussex boats that are part of the UK's under 10m inshore fishery. The EC's own statistics (below) show that while the fleet lands only 12% of the fish by value it employs 48% of the workforce. Buying from small scale local inshore fishermen ensures that this fleet can continue to compete with larger scale vessels who do a disproportionate amount of environmental damage while lining the pockets of only a few.

We have developed a new traceability system that will now allow you to scan any of our products and see exactly where you fish has come from (and where your money is going). Just scan the QR-code and it will show you where, when and who caught your fish. This can be used as an effective tool in making responsible sustainable decisions regarding the seafood you buy. We hope it will be a force for good within the industry.

More information on the specific fishing vessels and their captains and crew can be found under the "Fishermen Profiles" in the "Our Team" tab on this website.



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