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Only the freshest

Freshness is synonymous with quality when it comes to seafood. This is why if you want only the highest quality fish you should buy exclusively from the inshore fleet - just as we do. These vessels stay at sea for less than a day so their fish is less than 24 hours old when it hits the dock. This means that our fish is available for purchase within 12-24 of being caught.

Larger vessels that might stay at sea for a couple of weeks will therefore land fish that are already a week old or more before they are even unloaded. Buying from these sources means that you can never be sure just how fresh your seafood really is.

Buying form the inshore fleet means the product you purchase will not only be of the highest quality but also more sustainable and responsibly sourced (as discussed in previous blog posts " Follow the Fish from Catch to Cook" & "Support the Inshore Fleet").

For a full list of all our products visit - the Fish section of our site

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