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Going Green - Sustainability on Land and at Sea

Although we deal primarily with the ocean we recognise that this is not the only area of the environment to suffer degradation from seafood production. Therefore truly sustainable seafood must have as low an environmental impact on land, during production, as the fishing that harvested it had underwater.

To achieve our goal of producing responsibly sourced sustainable seafood we have been working to reduce our carbon footprint by adding solar panels to the roof of our warehouse. This now produces around 70% of our annual electricity usage. After this we decided to shift our cleaning chemicals to more environmentally benign TRECOS and EU ECOLABEL solutions that have a much lighter effect on the environment than traditional cleaning chemicals such as bleach. All of our cardboard boxes are carbon neutral with trees planted to offset their creation ​and we are currently looking to expand our rainwater recycling system which greatly reduces the mains water we use during cleaning.

All of these changes help to make the fish we sell responsible not just in their harvest but also in their processing on land. We are continuing to think of new ways to reduce our waste output and our carbon footprint even further so that we can provide our customers with the most responsible and sustainable product possible.

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