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Sustainably Certified - First in the UK!

At MCB sustainability is one of our foremost concerns. We rely on healthy fish stocks for our livelihoods and want to see them protected for ourselves but also for future generations to enjoy. We know many of our customers feel the same however it can be confusing trying to figure out which products really are sustainable. That's why we sought the help of Friend Of the Sea. They are a non-profit NGO whose mission is "the conservation of marine habitat". They assessed many of our locally-caught species and told us what we already knew - they are being fished sustainably.

We have just gone through the process of gaining FOS sustainable certification and are the FIRST wild caught fishery in the UK to receive this! Which means when you eat our fish you get the peace of mind that comes from eating a truly sustainable product that has been caught locally by British fishermen. This also means the road miles from sea to fork are reduced minimising the carbon footprint of your food.

All of these can be seen on our fresh marine fish page and for prices, to order or any other information please do not hesitateto get in touch.

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